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Social media has become the new search engine, so to speak. Consumers young and old are turning to social sites such as Facebook, Yelp, and LinkedIn to find information about businesses that they will buy from. While a great organic social strategy is also very important, the number of businesses and digital media publishers vying for space in your customer's news feed for that organic traffic has increased exponentially making a paid social strategy a necessity to keeping traffic to your site flowing from the likes of Facebook. 

Planning & Strategy

We understand it isn't easy to establish and maintain the social presence of your business. The time and knowledge required to get results can seem daunting. Let our team assess your needs, develop a strategy, and deliver results to help you reach your target audience with engaging and informative content. 

Paid Social Advertising

Want to target your product or service to a local market? Maybe a global audience? Do you want to reach younger customers? Do you want to reach people with plenty of disposable income? We can target demographics based on location and purchasing behavior.

Social Listening

Social listening is the practice of monitoring the general public's opinions on your business and your industry on social media. This can help you solve their problems in new and innovative ways but can also help you fix negative reviews out there that may be harming your business.

Social Analytics

Our team will give you access to custom dashboards and reports as often as you need to see your campaign's key performance indicators. You can track and monitor campaigns to see which marketing messages are really generating the best results. 


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