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Marketing leads are critical for sales teams in real estate, financial services, automotive, and business-to-business (B2B) sales industries. While it’s one thing to capture marketing leads, it’s an entirely different animal for sales professionals to do something with them.

According to Salesforce, 79 percent of all marketing leads are never converted to sales. That’s a tough pill to swallow! Instead of letting potential clients fall to the wayside, you can take steps to better manage your time and close more sales.

Don’t let unconverted opportunities go to waste. Sales teams need access to marketing sales tools that will improve conversion rates, as well as sales tools that enable them to successfully build relationships. The right sales tools software can help.

You may be wondering, what are sales tools? Well, sales tools are pieces of software that assist with marketing, organizing accounts, and more. With so many sales tools on the market, professional sellers need to narrow down which are most effective. Who has time for that?

To help cut through the fat, this guide funnels down top sales tools by category. Please note that the sales tools discussed in this guide are not listed sequentially or ranked in any specific order. You should reference this guide to segment sales categories that are relevant to you. The sales tools that are highlighted in each category will help you isolate the most effective sales tools. By using the top sales tools, you can maximize conversion rates and sharpen efficiency for any sales professional.

Skyrocket Your Sales Process for Account-Based Sales and Marketing

Your sales process is a critical tool for success, especially if you are focused on account-based sales. By utilizing sales tools designed specifically for account-based sales and marketing, you can focus on account management that drives opportunities and closes sales.

1. CircleBack: Easily Organize and Update Your Contacts

CircleBack helps salespeople organize contact information and stay connected to their clients. The CircleBack app focuses on productivity by using artificial intelligence technology to identify and update changes for existing contacts, taking the hassle out of individually updating each contact.

In addition to the CircleBack solution, there are two more apps to consider: ScanBizCards and CleanUp Suite. ScanBizCards is handy for sales professionals on the go by allowing them to scan business cards and export protective information into select customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. CleanUp Suite helps salespeople keep client information organized by removing duplicate contacts. It also ensures salespeople always have a copy of client info by offering a backup for their address book.

2. Engagio: Branch Out Your B2B Sales

By specializing in solutions for B2B sales professionals, Engagio offers customized solutions for account-based management. For example, Engagio can aggregate existing CRM data and provide information on how to convert prospects to sales. In addition, it offers data analytics that helps B2B account managers measure their effectiveness with account engagement and determine the best next steps to close sales opportunities.

Boost Lead Generation, Productivity, and Prospecting

Sales professionals need tools to help them stay consistently productive so they can easily gain prospective clients and incrementally generate sales leads. A large piece of the puzzle is the salesperson’s ability to sell oneself. The best sales tools complement the right sales techniques.

3. Conversica: Use AI Technology to Diversify and Qualify Leads

If you are looking for a unique way to leverage technology to isolate leads, Conversica is for you. By using an AI technology approach to marketing, this sales conversion management software helps you target your sales prospects. With features designed to prevent lost leads, identify hot leads, lead engagement, and gain insight to help qualify leads, sales professionals can make the most out of this sales tool.

4. Dooly:

Do you find it challenging to sort through client information? It can be time consuming to compile client data and quickly get them the answers they seek. Dooly integrates with your CRM to pull the information that you need. In addition, it uses AI technology to sync meeting notes and tasks into Salesforce. By integrating searching via LinkedIn or Google, Dooly gives you the gift of time by sorting through the information for you.

Know Your Clients Inside and Out with Sales and Marketing Intelligence

If you want to close more sales, you must understand the needs of your clients. Though there is no cookie-cutter formula that ensures you close every sale, you can take advantage of marketing sales tools that provide data to bring you closer to knowing your clients. With better understanding, you can effectively persuade prospects and close the sale.

5. FirstRain: Compile Relevant Sales and Marketing Data

If you need a robust sales solution that provides detailed insights, FirstRain is for you. FirstRain tracks the business, social media, and financial activities of your key customers. It uses machine learning and data science to generate analytics that help sales professionals make sense out of client data. It also takes a personalized approach to sales and marketing data, which gives you access to useful information related to sales opportunities, lead generation, and marketing strategy.

6. Mattermark: Amplify Your Client Lists and Understand Them Better

When sales professionals are building prospective client lists, researching potential clients can be a daunting task. It is not just about finding the right companies; salespeople are also challenged with finding the best point of contact. Overcoming the complexity and time-consuming nature of client lists can make or break the sales for your business. This is an area where Mattermark can step in and lend a hand.

With access to real-time information about target companies, Mattermark gives you better understanding of your prospects and determines client needs that lead to sales. It leverages AI technology, integrates with Salesforce, and allows you to export data in spreadsheet format. When you are setting up company profiles, you need to collect a surplus of information — Mattermark makes it easy to stay organized with more than 80 available fields for each company. These fields include location, number of employees, and funding rounds. They also offer segmented areas related to key personnel and growth signifiers.

Take Email Marketing to the Next Level

In sales, email marketing can keep you front of mind with new and existing clients. Sales professionals that rely on face-to-face interactions need to continuously attract the attention of new leads. Email marketing has a strong presence in the real estate industry and can also be used by salespeople that meet in person with clients.

7. Reply: Automate Personalized Email Marketing

Most sales professionals can benefit from an automated approach to email marketing, which is where Reply fits in. This sales tool automatically manages inbound and outbound email communications but keeps the personal touch in place by tracking client behavior over time. It can also integrate with your CRM to look for new leads and assist with call management.


As you can see, there are a lot of options to help keep you busy once you’ve identified someone that is interested. If you’re in need of help to fill up your pipeline so that you can find more prospects to use these tools on, schedule a call with our team.

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